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Massage Therapy is considered one of the earliest therapeutic tools used to alleviate pain. Written records date back to 2700 BCE in both China and Egypt. There are various forms of massage therapy practiced in the United States and worldwide, which address a multitude of conditions- everything from stress-reduction to chronic low back pain. Research indicates that massage therapy enhances the immune system, facilitates tissue recovery and growth, increases alertness and circulation, and reduces stress and pain.

Types of Massage Therapy at Waypoint Integrative Health

Every massage therapy session at WIH incorporates the following principles as it relates to the client’s unique needs:

Swedish- Most common form of massage therapy utilizing long, gliding, kneading, friction, and tapping movements.

Deep Tissue Therapy- Deep, focused work on muscle layers and fascia.

Positional Release Therapy- Focuses on a tender or constricted area of the body and the body’s ideal position of comfort necessary to release dysfunction of said area.

Neuromuscular Therapy- Addresses Trigger Points, which are areas of hyper-irritable tissue(s) that overload the central nervous system and cause referred pain.

Orthopedic Massage- Focuses on orthopedic conditions from the perspective of treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention via work on soft tissues. Often used in the context of injuries.

Myofascial Release- Sustained, gradual pressure is applied to connective tissue to ease constraint and improve mobility.

Sports Massage- Focuses on muscle-joint interaction, range of motion, and mobility. Often used in the context of injury prevention and pre-/post- training events

Stretching Therapy- Assessment of and treatment for limitations in range of motion due to joint restriction and/or muscle tension. Utilizes a variety of techniques to help prevent injury and improve performance 

Craniosacral Therapy- Incorporates a light, therapeutic touch and gentle traction to help release tension in the body's connective tissue (fascia). Works to calm and regulate the nervous system. This form of bodywork is gentle, supportive, and creates deep change 

We also offer specialty massage for women, which are tailored to meet individualized needs:

Prenatal Massage- Swedish massage, Myofascial Release, and gentle stretches are used to ease pregnancy-related discomfort and/or exacerbation of pre-pregnancy symptoms. Often performed in the sidelying position.

Postnatal Massage- Focuses on the mother’s postpartum healing. Gentle abdominal work, if appropriate.

Fertility Massage- Utilizes Swedish, Craniosacral, and Abdominal massage therapy combined with Reflexology and Cleansing therapies to promote and support healthy fertility.

Massage Therapy Rates

30 Minute Massage Therapy Session: $75

60 Minute Massage Therapy Session: $115

75 Minute Massage Therapy Session: $130

90 Minute Massage Therapy Session: $150

120 Minute Massage Therapy Session: $190

Prenatal Massage Therapy Rates

   60 Minute Session: $115          

                      90 Minute Session: $150                           

Fertility Massage Therapy Rates

                       60 Minute Session: $120                        

                    90 Minute Session: $155                      

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